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We work for the benefit of Kazakhstan

About the company

The main objective of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation is to attract local and international investors to co-finance projects in non-resource sectors of the economy, mainly in the Central Asian region with a focus on Kazakhstan. Financing is carried out through QIC private equity funds. As of today, the Corporation is a member of 18 private equity funds with a total capitalization of $2.1 billion.

QIC develops Kazakhstan's direct investment market and forms an infra structure to attract international players in the field of direct investment.

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Investing in the future


We invest in priority areas for society and the country - healthcare, agriculture, food security, green energy, innovative and high-tech projects and much more.

For each dollar invested from its own funds, QIC attracts $2.1 US dollars from the funds of foreign partners

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QIC is a key player in the private equity market in Kazakhstan, our activities are aimed at creating a private equity infrastructure in the country, attracting foreign investment in priority sectors of the economy, promoting the development of businesses with Kazakhstani roots in the country and the world

Yerbolat Zholat — Chairman of the Management Board

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QIC, through its private equity funds, provides capital to companies from micro, small businesses and startups with high growth potential, to large projects and city-forming enterprises. Since the creation of QIC, 106 projects have been funded.

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QIC creates a dynamic ecosystem for the sustainable development of the country

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