An updated Development Strategy of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC for 2014-2023 was approved in 2020

Promotion and development of private equity ecosystem and national economy of Kazakhstan

  • Tapping the potential of PE as an asset class through invested capital, business network of contacts, experience and knowledge of QIC employees.
  • Assistance in the development of sustainable business based on internationally recognized environmental, social and management standards (ESG).

Increasing QIC's investment portfolio

  • Development of business entities with great potential to become market leaders in the region.
  • Improving access to finance, technical equipment and production intensification in AIC.
  • Develop local market for PPP infrastructure projects, distressed assets and venture capital.

Improving QIC’s performance

Focus on establishing a positive rate of return on each investment above the risk-free rate and achieving an annual multiplier of value of the investment portfolio above 1.

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