Compliance risk management

The Anti-Corruption Compliance Service of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC is part of the corporate governance system and is responsible for managing compliance risk and organizing the anti-corruption system in Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC and its subsidiaries.

The main functions of the Anti-Corruption Compliance Service are anti-corruption activities, prevention of conflicts of interest, consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities on the facts of violations of the requirements of the Code of Conduct, corruption and other illegal actions.

Anti-corruption policy

Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC is actively working to combat corruption through the introduction of control functions for the control, prevention and detection of corruption, as well as the creation of an atmosphere of strict rejection of corruption in any of its manifestations in Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC.

To this end, the Board of Directors of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC approved the Anti-Corruption Policy in Qazaqstan Investment Corporation Joint-Stock Company (Minutes No. 15/22 dated July 26, 2022), which provides for a set of measures to combat corruption, as well as the formation of an anti-corruption culture of employees of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC, ensuring compliance with the principles of honesty and transparency in the performance of duties.

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Code of Conduct

Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC has adopted a Code of Business Ethics, which provides a set of rules establishing the fundamental values and principles of corporate (business) ethics that guide Officials and employees.

Code of Business Conduct Download

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