Risk management

Corporate risk management system is an integrated component of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC’s activity aimed at identifying, assessing and monitoring all significant risks, as well as taking measures for their mitigation.

Our work in this direction is based on the Risk Management Policy of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC, which reflects the vision, goals and objectives of the corporate risk management system, defines the main principles of the risk management process, the risk management structure, the basic components of the risk management system, and provides a systematic and consistent approach to the risk management process implementation.

To ensure timely and effective management and quality monitoring of potential risks, the Risk Management Department provides updated reports on the status of risk map, measures taken for key risks and credit risk assessment of treasury and investment portfolios to the Investment Committee and the Management Board, as well as to the Audit and Risk Committee and the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

Principles of the Risk Management System


Consideration of the Company's cumulative risk components in terms of the corporate risk management system


Prohibition of recourse to the corporate risk management system as a stand-alone or separate


Integrated risk management system has a clear structure


Risk management is accompanied by objective, reliable and up-to-date information


Continuous improvement of risk management procedures and mechanisms


Continuous improvement of risk management procedures and mechanisms

Timeliness and urgency

Transfer of information on amendments, state and size of the relevant risks, all non-standard operations and situations by all structural divisions on the “bottom to up” principle, including the Management Board and the Board of Directors of the Company


Involvement of the Company’s top management, i.e. the Management Board and the Board of Directors, in the process of risk management and creation of control environment

Separation of powers

Clear separation of employees’ powers in order to exclude the situations where the employee’s area of responsibility allows a conflict of interests


Risk management in all areas of the Company’s activities shall be carried out by the relevant structural divisions independent of operating activities


Risk management process is a constantly recurring structured cycle of its basic components

Risk Management Policy

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