BGlobal Ventures Strategic Session

BGlobal Ventures Strategic Session

On September 12, a strategic session of BGlobal Ventures was held with the participation of Independent Directors of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC.

During the session, the CEO of BGlobal Ventures Abay Absamet spoke about the company's activities, development and key initiatives, the implementation of which will have a positive impact on further dynamic development of Kazakhstan's venture ecosystem.

He also stressed that the new initiatives of BGlobal Ventures meet the current needs of the regional venture market and the Government's vision of launching innovative projects by attracting and mobilizing the participation of the private sector in the market, including business angels, venture capital funds and corporations.

The session also discussed the financial and non-financial tools to support target groups with the involvement of experienced international experts.

"The implementation of educational programs by BGlobal Ventures aimed at nurturing new wave of business angels and management companies (GP) can give a tangible impetus to the development of the venture capital market in Central Eurasia. Over the past five years, there has been great progress in the region's innovation infrastructure, many acceleration programs and business incubators have been launched, which has served to form a competitive startup community. Now the market needs private capital and well-equipped investors,"- said Nicholas Page, Independent Director of BGlobal Ventures.

The private company "BGlobal Ventures Ltd" is a subsidiary of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC aimed at supporting innovation and developing the venture capital market in Kazakhstan and Central Eurasia. Detailed information about the activities of BGlobal Ventures can be found at the link:

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